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First World Problem Friday #4: Pants Without Pockets Are Super Annoying

I have a confession to make: I love pockets.  Nay, I adore them.  However, this only extends to pockets that you can actually PUT things in.  Froofy little pockets just for decoration or that are so small you can only … Continue reading

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Wicked Awesome Media Wednesday #2: Stephenie Meyer’s The Host

Good morning, dear readers!  I came downstairs this morning, and my husband was watching movie trailers on the iPad, which was kind of a Twilight Zone thing to do, since he is usually militant about not watching trailers before he … Continue reading

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Luscious Lunes #3: Easy Tomato Salad

This lovely lunes I would like to introduce you to a very easy Italian appetizer.  I got this idea from my aunt, who served a similar recipe when I was visiting her a few months ago, although I have tweaked … Continue reading

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First World Problem Friday #3: The Ill-timed Toddler Poop

Hmm…my post title could be expanded to include babies as well, for babies are just as guilty of this offense.  By “this offense”, I of course am referring to those of our young charges who choose (and I’m convinced that … Continue reading

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Thursday’s Treasures and Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  I have been invited by my new blog friend Christie from Food Done Light to link up to her Thursday’s Treasures link party, also hosted by Debi from Recipes For My Boys and Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate … Continue reading

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Wicked Awesome Workout Wednesday #2: Workout: One-On-One Training With Jackie

So, dear readers, I have something to confess.  I am not much of a “follow this plan for 8-12 weeks” person.  I wish I were.  However, I find myself getting bored after a couple of weeks.  I crave variety in … Continue reading

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Luscious Lunes #2: Garlic Bread Fantastique

Hello readers!  Or reader, whichever the case may be.  Or cat playing around on the keyboard, I welcome you, too.  I am no discriminator of species when it comes to blog traffic.  In fact, interplanetary contact is okay by me … Continue reading

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