First World Problem Friday #1: Tiny Raley’s Carts

Those of us in the United States generally have it pretty dang good, I would say.  I don’t speak for everyone, of course.  I know that my family and I have been very blessed, and I am extremely grateful for it.  Therefore, the “First World Problem Friday” posts are intended to be mostly humorous in nature, rather than “hey, let’s be all pessimistic and talk about how much our lives suck!”  Keep that in mind.  However, sometimes it’s nice to get the little annoying things off your chest.  Now, on to my very real problems here, people!  *wink, wink*

There is a grocery store here in California (Raley’s) that has the lamest carts.  The baskets themselves are like a foot tall, so that if I have two or more kids with me, and I can’t find one of those rad racecar carts, I have to either have two kids walk next to me or one kid in the very small basket getting in the way of everything.  It’s a given that my youngest is in the front of the cart.  I just find it really odd that this company is inadvertently sending the message to buy fewer products simply by having tiny carts!  If I can only fit four or five things *around* my child (who then complains and complains), then I’m only going to buy that much!  It seems like common sense, to me.  I find myself going to the other competitor mainly because of this reason.  You may say, Ker, why don’t you let your child walk alongside the cart instead of cramming them in the basket?  And to you I say, do you have any kids, oh questioner of my mad mommy methods?  Because if you did, you would know that there is never any walking alongside the cart!  There is running and hiding and opening freezer doors and picking up jars of things to look at and did I mention lots of hiding??

Yeah, no bueno.  Into the cart with ye, oh child o’ mine!

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3 Responses to First World Problem Friday #1: Tiny Raley’s Carts

  1. Michelle says:

    Ya, this is why (and I almost hate to admit it) I only shop at walmart. If target were closer I’d shop there occasionally too…or the commissary. These are the only places that have mammoth sized carts around here, that I can fit my 2 year old in the seat and set the car seat in the main part of the cart and still have enough room for my groceries. I have tried from time to time, when I know it’s going to be a big shopping trip and I’ll need every inch of available space, to put my smallest in the seat part and have my 2 year old walk with the older 2 (who are actually not walking, but running circles around the cart playing tag), but like you said, we all know how well that goes. I look forward to the day my oldest can babysit so I can go shopping by myself, to whichever grocery store I want, and the size of the cart won’t even phase me! It’s a rough life, isn’t it?! 😀

    • Mommy Always Eats Last says:

      I totally hear you! I pray for racecar carts on a regular basis. I am known to exclaim, “Hallelujah!” if I actually find a usable one. And by “usable” I mean “not covered in water because Target is incapable of putting the most important carts to parents actually inside the store when it rains.”

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