Weekend Clips and Links For Your Entertainment

The weekend is all about relaxing and taking a break from the grind. At least, it should be. If you have young kids, you kind of have to take what you can get. However, maybe you can get a few minutes to yourself (read: lock yourself in the bathroom) to enjoy the following clips and links from around the web:


  • Dying Indiana Colts fan gets his last wish. This one had me crying almost from the get go.  Also, old people are awesome.  Unless they pull out their checkbooks when in they are front of you in line at the grocery store.  Then their collective awesomeness wanes a bit.
  • I absolutely must include one of my favorite Ellen clips.  Here she is demonstrating the foolishness that is the “Hawaii Chair.”  I heart Ellen.
  • Andrew Hales of LAHWF (Losing All Hope Was Freedom) pulls pranks every week on unsuspecting Utah college students (mostly at BYU and UVU).  Here’s a clip where he flat out stares at strangers.  The pranks are made even funnier because, let’s face it, most of the people are LDS (Mormon) and thus predisposed to be super nice, even to freaking weirdos!
  • Another LAHWF prank that must be included because it’s so dang funny.  Here Andrew *borrows* BYU students’ phones and takes off with them.  (Warning: there’s some language in the comments)
  • Yes, this next one is a Halloween one.  Yes, we’re into November.  But it’s awesome.  I cannot imagine the electricity bill for this house.


  • All right, I guess I should do a Thanksgiving link to make up for my Halloween bidness above.  Lori Lange of Recipegirl has a linkfest of pumpkin pie love here.
  • Here’s an HIIT Your Legs Workout from Skinny Ms.  I love this website because not only do they post a lot of great (free) workouts, they also post healthy recipes to help keep you on the fitness wagon eating-wise.
  • Laura at Real Mom Kitchen declares her love for French Onion Soup with this recipe.  In my experience, you either love french onion soup or you would rather hurl yourself off a 50 story building than eat it.  Hmm…that’s kind of how I feel about peas.
  • Super Healthy Kids is a great website wherein you can find super healthy recipes for your kids!  I know you were wondering what it was about, and that’s why I’m here for you folks.  Here is a very helpful post about what to do with all those tomatoes.  I actually have a bunch sitting on my counter still because the weather here in Northern California only just now got cold (hey, no complaining from me!), and my tomato plants are (or probably WERE) still producing like the crazy producing plants that they are.
  • Rachel from Sun Scholars has a weekly linky party called For The Kids Friday where you can find really cute ideas for crafts and other things to do with your kidlets.  She also highlights some of her favorites from the previous week.  I don’t kid (haha, get it?) myself that I will actually do most of the things I like, but it’s nice to see that other moms are really and truly crafty!  😉
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2 Responses to Weekend Clips and Links For Your Entertainment

  1. Mary McG says:

    Thanks for the pumpkin pie recipies! I always love to try new recipies!

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