First World Problem Friday #2: Annoying Children’s Shows

If you’re new to First World Problem Friday, I explain it at the top of this post.  Basically, assume that I’m joking around, and you’ll probably be right.  😉

My darling children are the apples of my eye, to be sure.  However, sometimes a mama’s gotta get her “me-time” and/or “stuff” done (read: all these Pinterest boards ain’t gettin’ browsed by themselves, people!!).  At times like these, desperate times call for desperate measures, and I call upon my leetle friend Netflix.  Netflix, I’m a fan of you.  However, you do have some options for children’s shows that I cannot sneak past my children as I am browsing, and then I have to endure lameness in the form of 24 minutes of sub-par programming.  And this….this is decidedly uncool.  You may say to yourself, “Why doesn’t she just say that they can’t watch certain shows?”  And you would be right in asking that, just as I am right in actually doing that.  There are some shows that are banned in this here household.  For example, Yo Gabba Gabba is right out.  I haven’t even seen an episode, either; all I had to do was see short commercials for it with that weird guy in the skintight orange suit and his even weirder friends waving their freakishly-long arms around in some kind of alien tribal mating dance, and I was so outy.  Then there’s the fact that they have annoying songs with no more than two lines that get stuck in your head for days.  That’s where The Wiggles and Barney go wrong, and it’s a very large part of why they are also banned.  Plus, it kind of goes without saying that four grown men dressing only in primary colors and singing children’s songs…that’s kind of odd, and not in a good way.  And Barney….  Oh, Barney, what can I say about you?  I don’t think I know a single person who is not extremely annoyed with you if forced to sit through your show.

Now on to a show that I let them watch, but really, truth be told, I don’t care for all that much.  The Backyardigans, I’m looking at you.  My kids just got into this yesterday, and they wanted to watch another episode of it today, and I ever-so-(un)graciously acquiesced.  There are worse shows out there, to be sure, but, I don’t know…this one just gets on my nerves.  It’s like Rita and Runt from Animaniacs minus the ever-so-paltry comedic elements (at least compared to other Animaniacs’ sketches), which leaves a lot of grating ditties.  The Backyardigans have 24 minute episodes, like unto most half-hour shows that are not actually half-hours.  Approximately 22 of these minutes are some form of singing about inane things.  Enough with the singing, peeps!  Plus, there’s one “girl” character who is often just plain bratty.  There are plenty of other shows with non-annoying girl characters, and a prime example is Pinky Dinky Doo, which, sadly, is no longer being made.  However, the existing episodes are on Netflix!  I think I will steer my children toward that show next time….

(image courtesy of my t.v., but it belongs to Cartoon Pizza, Inc and Sesame Workshop)

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2 Responses to First World Problem Friday #2: Annoying Children’s Shows

  1. Mary McG says:

    I wish that you could filter out certain shows. That way your kids don’t see the graphic. I hate wiggles, barney and dora among others. Josh likes backyardigans too. I just wish the songs wern’t so catchy!

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