Thursday’s Treasures and Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, all!  I have been invited by my new blog friend Christie from Food Done Light to link up to her Thursday’s Treasures link party, also hosted by Debi from Recipes For My Boys and Joan from Chocolate, Chocolate And More.  The more, the merrier, I say!  Be sure to stop by their awesome blogs and say hello.

A little background for my “treasure” today: I went into my daughter’s room this morning and found her crying.  While I comforted her, I asked her what was wrong.  It turns out that my big kindergartner is really missing school and her teacher.  😦  Poor thing.  She has ten whole days off of school all told, so this is the longest vacation she has had from school so far, and she LOVES school (The cynic in me wonders how long that will last, but I will take it).  So I told her that we would draw some special drawings that she could put in her backpack and give to her teacher next week when she returns to school.  She was pretty excited about that!

A few weeks ago, I told Lacey that since she was a big girl in school, she could get a library card!  She was over the moon.  This is a BIG deal…we are a reading family, and I come from a family of readers, as well.  Lacey is right on the edge of being able to read by herself, and she is all about books and showing off her mad skillz.  So we traipsed (read: I drove mommy van) on over to the local library and got out a few books.  I encouraged her to get some art books as well; I am artistically-inclined, and I know the kids love to draw.  I thought that maybe we could draw together!  Well, life…and school got in the way of my good intentions, and we hadn’t done it yet.  So today was the inaugural art project!  A more perfect day I cannot imagine, as we give thanks for little moments like these with our families.  🙂

Lacey was insistent that we draw a kangaroo, or, to be precise, a joey, since we were drawing from a baby animal book.  And so we did.  I’m impressed with Lacey’s work…she is only five and a half, after all!  I took my time drawing my joey (lack of time is one of the main reasons I haven’t drawn in a while, but I’ve been feeling like I should get back into it).  Lacey then decided she would also draw a horse.  Her teacher will be thrilled!  Here are our masterpieces!

Betcha can’t guess which one I did!  😉  Enjoy your time with your families!

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8 Responses to Thursday’s Treasures and Thanksgiving!

  1. Grandpa says:

    I hope you both continue to draw!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m totally impressed, with all of these drawings!

  3. What a fantastic drawing by both of you. Thanks so much for sharing on Thursdays Treasures.

  4. Love the post and drawings! You are both great artist! Thank you for sharing on Thursday’s Treasures….I’m glad Christie invited you. ❤ and hugs!

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