Little Kids Tell The Funniest Knock-Knock Jokes

Lacey wrote a knock-knock joke the first day of Thanksgiving break and has been dying to tell it to her class/school.  So last Wednesday when I walked into the cafeteria with her (it was raining, and the school meets in there in the mornings when it does), she was very insistent about going up in front of the school to tell her joke because her teacher had said she could tell it.  Well, I knew that about four kids get up in front of everyone every day to tell jokes, but I didn’t know exactly how that worked, and I hadn’t heard anything from her teacher to indicate that she was indeed supposed to go up there, so I held back until her teacher came.  Plus, I knew what Lacey’s joke was, and you better believe I didn’t really want her to go up there, because I knew only the adults would find it funny.  It was very much a kindergartner joke, IF you know what I mean!  Well, her teacher finally came, and it turns out that there’s an approval process for the jokes told at morning lineup, so she told Lacey that she could tell her joke for their class.  I got permission to observe the telling of it, and here it is!

Lacey (standing next to Teacher in front of her whole class): Knock-knock.
Class: Who’s there?
Lacey: I love Teacher.
Class: I love Teacher who?
Lacey: (silence)
Teacher (looking over and seeing that there WAS no punchline): And…it looks like that’s the end of the joke!  Yay!  I feel so loved!  Thank you, Lacey!

I thought it was hilarious and cute, but her class was like, “What? Okay.”  It was quite humorous.  Later that evening during dinner, we were trying to get Lacey to understand how knock-knock jokes work, so Hubbin looked up some jokes online and was telling them at the dinner table.  Then it was Lacey’s turn.  Read the following jokes, and deduce for yourselves if the concept got through:

Lacey: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
Lacey: I love my family.
Us: I love my family who?
Lacey: You’re eating soup; yum!!

Lacey: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
Lacey: J.J.
Us: J.J. who?
Lacey: Go to your speech class!!  (J.J. has speech therapy once a week)

Lacey: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
Lacey: Magnet.
Us: Magnet who?
Lacey: Magnet I love to put on the fridge!!

Then Elise took a stab at it:

Elise: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
Elise: I’m eating chips.
Us: I’m eating chips who?
Elise: *a string of nonsense words, including “Goo” and “Gaga”*

Hubbin told my favorite of all time:

Hubbin: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
Hubbin: Interrupting cow.
Us: Interrupting co—
Hubbin: MOOOOOO!!

J.J. of course would not be left out of the fun and games:

J.J.: Knock-knock.
Us: Who’s there?
J.J.: Cow.
Us: Cow who?
J.J.: *pause of about five seconds* MOOO!!

It seems our two-year-old understands the concept better than his sisters!  😉  Haha, I know they’ll all get it eventually, but it is great fun to listen to the ones they come up with now.

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4 Responses to Little Kids Tell The Funniest Knock-Knock Jokes

  1. Carolyn says:

    Good times!

  2. Sweet Pea Chef says:

    My boys love knock knock jokes too! 🙂 cute!

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