Funny Kid Quotes Friday #1

So, dear readers.  I have decided that while First World Problem Friday is funny in theory, I want to discontinue it for the time being.  I have found myself looking for things that annoy me in order to have something to write about, and I don’t like that.  Really, what I’m doing is focusing on the negative, and I don’t want to.  Life is good, and I love seeing and celebrating the beauty in it.

I thought that instead, I would share some funny kid quotes with you all.  They are always a favorite on my personal Facebook page.  I absolutely love writing down the funny things people say.  Somewhere I have a bunch of school notebooks with funny professor quotes here and there in the page margins, along with sheets of paper devoted to humorous quotes from my old coworkers or family and friends.  Now that I have kids capable of speech, I LOVE this part of their development—the part where they are trying to figure out both how to say things and how the world around them works.  Who knew my kids would be such a goldmine???  They truly make me laugh every day.  Without further ado, here are some recent kid quotes for your amusement.

Elise, after being woken up from nap: “I slept so hard that I got SICK!” (she was perfectly healthy)

Elise, again after waking up from nap: “I read a LOT of books!  And then I read more books when my eyes were closed!!”

Lacey, when I went to get her up to get ready for school: *holds up her foot to me* “Feel that, Mommy.”
Me: (I feel…the bottom of a foot, nothing out of the ordinary)
Lacey: “That means it doesn’t want to walk.” *brings her foot way up to her face and starts talking to it* “You need to walk to school!  And you need to walk at recess!!”  (apparently done, she takes my hand, ready to start the day)

(Looking at pictures from a few years ago, and we come across a picture of Elise when she was about a year old)
Me: “Awww!!  I miss Baby Elise!”
Elise: “Me, too!  I wish I could make me a lower number!”  (i.e. be a baby again)

Me: “I have a lower voice because I’m sick.”
Elise: “Sometime I change my voices.”
Me: “How?”
Elise: “I don’t know….maybe someone magics them to change them? *thinks a moment*  Oh!  Maybe it’s the man who always messes up our room!”
Lacey: “Yeah, remember the man who comes in and messes up our room, and you didn’t believe it?”

If you have any funny quotes, please feel free to share, either in the comments here or on my Facebook page!

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4 Responses to Funny Kid Quotes Friday #1

  1. Mary McG says:

    I love to read the funny things your kids say. They always make me smile

  2. Hmm. I wonder if Lacey’s foot feel asleep when she said her feet didn’t want to walk. Then again, who I am to comment. I sometimes have to tell myself to get out of bed and go to school, and it’s not nearly as hilarious as the conversation you posted. I love your funny quotes!

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