Funny Kid Quotes Friday #2

After asking me to open a ziplock bag: Elise: “Mommy, you have a big hand.  And you can open things well!”  Um, thanks?

While driving home from the gym:
Elise: “If we don’t get home very soon, you will be in big trouble, Mommy!”
Me: “Oh?  And how am I going to get in trouble?”
E: “I will tell you to stop driving!!”
(a minute later, at a stoplight)
E: “Okay, Mommy, you can start driving again!”
Me: “Um, it’s a red light…”

E: “If you want me to calm down, you need to kiss my dress.”
Me: “…why?”
E: “Because YUM!”

Elise was upset because I was taking Lacey somewhere and not her:
Me: “But you will probably get to watch a cool show while we’re gone.”
Lacey: “Yeah!  Maybe you’ll watch Top Gear!” (Elise was not amused)

L: “Can I take my backpack to the gym, randomly?”
Me: “Lacey, what do you think ‘randomly’ means?”
L: “It means that you just do it anyway, even if Mommy doesn’t want you to.”

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