About Me

Have you ever noticed that the mom is always last to sit down and eat at mealtimes?  Yeah, me, too.  So I decided to name a blog after that phenomenon.  ‘Cause I’m cool like that.  This blog will chronicle my cooking adventures…the ones where I’m always the last one to enjoy whatever meal I’ve made.  However, not only that, I’ll also regale you with observations on parenting and life in general.  I’m not ashamed to admit that my greatest source of amusement comes from my lovely children.  I also love to read (on the iPad or REAL books), draw, exercise and discover new music, so I plan on posting somewhat about what I do in my very rare free time.  We are also HUGE Apple fans in this here domicile (iMac, iPads and iPhones, oh my!), so occasionally I will tell you about some awesome apps we’ve come across.

As for actual information about me, I’m a SAHM of three small kiddos, two girls and a boy.  And when I say small, I mean that I went from 0-3 kids in just over three years.  You might say that I was a baby-makin’ machine.  They are now 5.5 (Lacey), 4 (Elise) and 2.5 (JJ).  Do you have the urge to tell me, “Boy, you’ve got your hands full?”  Yeaaaaaah, I might have heard it one or two times before.  🙂

I have degrees in graphic design/multimedia and Spanish Translation, and did I mention that I LOVE to read?  I think my local librarians secretly hate me for all the extra work I make them do with all my mad book-requesting skillz.  My husband is an RN and our resident garbage disposal, and he WILL be honest with me if I ask if he likes a dish.  Brutally honest, even.  *sniff*  We live in sunny California, and we absolutely love it here.

And remember, microwaves are sometimes a mom’s best friend.  There’s no shame in that, my friends!  Embrace the microwave!  It’s often the only way I get a hot meal.


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