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Funny Kid Quotes Friday #2

After asking me to open a ziplock bag: Elise: “Mommy, you have a big hand.  And you can open things well!”  Um, thanks? While driving home from the gym: Elise: “If we don’t get home very soon, you will be … Continue reading

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First World Problem Friday #1: Tiny Raley’s Carts

Those of us in the United States generally have it pretty dang good, I would say.  I don’t speak for everyone, of course.  I know that my family and I have been very blessed, and I am extremely grateful for … Continue reading

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It Can Happen to ANYONE!

So this is primarily a humor blog about motherhood, food, fitness, and whatever else strikes my fancy.  Sometimes, however, I will get all serious up in this corner of the blogosphere.  This is one of those times.  Kate from the … Continue reading

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