Wicked Awesome Media Wednesday #3: Tracy Anderson Method: Post-Pregnancy Workout (2012)

So, my friends.  I return to the world of the wicked awesome workout.  Today, I bring you one of the most effective ones I own.  She’s more well known currently than she was even a year ago, largely due to Gwyneth Paltrow praising her to the nth degree all over the media.

Ladies and gents, I am of course speaking of Tracy Anderson.  Now, a few caveats. Tracy’s background is in ballet, and she kind of fell into training when she did some research on what worked best for her.  If you google her, you will quickly find that people either love her or hate her with a violent hatred.  She’s not your typical trainer, and she is horrendous at cueing the viewer regarding what her next move will be.  With that said, her Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD is wonderful, not only post pregnancy, but for anyone in any stage of life.  Also, it is TOUGH.  Don’t kid yourself—you may even think you’re in pretty good shape and you may find that you can’t do the whole workout or have to modify it.  She has a section with weights right after a strenuous arm session, and I still have never been able to use weights!

Tracy includes a lot of abdominal work (duh) along with some pretty difficult arm and leg exercises.  A lot of these you won’t have come across in other workout DVDs or classes simply because of Tracy’s ballet background and unconventional method.  Being different can be a good thing, and in this case it certainly is!  You will definitely feel the burn, and, more importantly, you will feel yourself getting stronger with each workout.

Now, in terms of owning this DVD, I have included the link to the recently re-released version, which is now on sale at $9.99.  If you search for Tracy on Amazon, you will see that the same (older version) DVD is priced at $30, which is redonkulous.  I’m thinking that Tracy sold her old DVDs at $30 when she wasn’t as well-known, and then as she became more and more famous, she saw reason and brought it down to a reasonable price (OR because she started selling more!).

Anyway, I do not advocate all of what Tracy has to say.  For example, she has a diet plan that I think restricts calories too much.  Also, she counsels women never to use weights weighing more than three pounds, which is straight-up bull….just keepin’ it real.  However, this DVD?  Awesome.

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